Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Nino & Mastro Firm Way

The law firm of Nino & Mastro follows a client-centered philosophy of practicing criminal defense law. Doing so means committing ourselves to building those successful attorney-client relationships that are the hallmark, in turn, of successful legal defense work.

A client-centered style of lawyering enables us to provide our criminal defense clients with the kind of aggressive, personalized legal representation they need to protect their rights. It also enables us to position our clients, compassionately and nonjudgmentally, for future success.

Former Public Defenders Putting Their Knowledge To Work For You

Our firm can provide our clients with this level of custom-tailored legal representation because we have purposely structured our firm around the interests of the individual client. Each member of our legal team aims to provide clients with a personalized team approach.

Attorneys Ed Nino and Joe Mastro have both served as public defenders. They bring this knowledge to bear on every legal defense matter they accept.

Our attorneys hold more than 35 years of combined experience. During that time, they have represented tens of thousands of clients and handled hundreds of matters at trial and at the negotiating table. As a result, our attorneys understand how the other side thinks. They possess the seasoned legal judgment needed to apply that experience strategically in defense of our clients' rights.

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